Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cake, Anyone?

Hello stamping friends!  Welcome to my new blog!  I'm venturing into blog land again, although for me maintaining a blog continues to be a work in progress!  I'll be sharing my stamping creations with a sprinkle of my life here and there.  I hope you will grow with me in this creative journey.

I'm inspired by so many stamping blogs and I recently (for me) discovered Pinterest, which I hear is a great place to spend lots of time drooling! Even more inspiration!  So the other day I was debating which way to highlight my stamped cards to display, standard point and shoot or with a live model?  Hmm...hard choice. This is Azul, my Australian Shepherd, he is 10 years old and I love him so!  I made this card using the stamp set "Make A Cake" and that stamp set is so versatile!  I also used our Color Coach to pick a color scheme.  I love using my color coach, it's my number one go to guide! So what do you think, which style should I use to display my cards? I'll keep my first post short and sweet.  Thanks for stopping by!

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