Sunday, December 5, 2010


So for the past few days I have been working on remodeling my craft room.  I somehow decided that it wouldn't be so hectic to remove the popcorn(that's what I call it) from the ceiling, I mean, I wasn't going to be removing it, no big deal! Wrong! While our contractor mentioned that I did not need to remove everything from the room, just the big items, I decided, nah, I'll just go ahead and everyone everything. OMG, what a work it was!  I've been scrapbooking/paper crafting for over 10 years, not as a demonstrator, but just on my own.  I'm also an avid book reader and I've purchased many, many books these past years.  I also have a affinity to collecting "Wonder Woman" items, that collection has grown ten fold!  My craft room serves as a craft, book reading, collecting, relaxing room; that's a lot of items to have in one room.  Anyhow, the popcorn has successfully been removed and we decided that since the walls are now bare, let's go ahead and paint it!  Which is a smart idea and it saves me the hassle of removing the items later on again from my room. So needless to say, I've received my Stampin' Up! Starter kit and I have not had a chance to begin creating nor stamping!  I haven't even put up the Christmas tree!! 

I think positive, so no worries.  In the end, it'll all be worth it and it'll all be better!  I'll try to post some photos of my room in its pre-and-post condition.  Have a great evening!

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