Monday, October 20, 2014

Creative Blog Hop

Happy Monday friends! Hope you're Monday is off to a beautiful start! We got lots of rain last night, it was nice!

So my good friend Heather tagged me for this Creative Blog Hop. I've know Heather for a few years now, I've met her through the online demonstrator only website, Stampin' Connection. She signed up for an organized swap I had coordinated back when Stampin' Up! hosted a regional event back in Phoenix a few years ago. We now keep in touch often and she plays constantly with our challenges at Sunday Stamps and Nacho Average Challenges.  You can check out her blog and her beautiful creations here.

So let's begin this Creative Blog Hop. 

What am I working on now? Right now I am working on cleaning and organizing my craft room. It has been in such a chaotic mess, because I keep changing my mind as to how I want things organized.  I'll be putting thing away quickly so that I can work on some swaps for another organized swap I am participating in this weekend.  

How does my work defer from others on my genre? Hmm...this is a hard one, as I feel like I am still defining my own style.  My style defers each time I create something new. What would you say my style is? 

Why do I create what I do? Creating for me is a fun escape. Although lately I've been in a very creative rut, hopefully I'll get my creative mojo back. Does that ever happen to you? 

How does my creative process go? Since I've started designing for the Sunday Stamps and Nacho Average Challenges, the sketches and color combos help me get started. Depending on the stamp set that I want to use and the color scheme, my project will take a life of it's own, to convey a certain feeling. 
Tag, you're it! This has been a Tag, you're it!  This has been a fun experience!  Thanks again Heather for tagging me.  I'm tagging Barb Stencel, both she and I are part of the same downline group with Diana Gibbs. We also blog hop once a month as part of Di's Country INKers. You can check out her blog here and learn more about her. She'll be posting her responses next Monday, October 27th, 2014 so make sure to check back then. 
I'm also tagging Rhonda Morgan from INKin' All Night! Although she is too young to be like my grandmother, she is my second Upline. She does so much for all of us in her group. Check back with her next Monday, October 27th, 2014 to learn more about her!
Can't wait to see who they both tag. Thanks for stopping by today! Until next time. 


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  1. I always find that cleaning up and reorganizing gives me new inspiration - I always find so much stuff I forgot I had, lol... Thanks for sharing! Love you, chica!


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